Funexpected? What the heck is that?

Long story short, it's how we create.

Think about how much stuff you’re bombarded with each day: TV commercials, billboards, smartphones, tablets, the Internet, posts, tweets, photos, likes, hearts, comments, shares.

In this sea of clutter, a new idea has 3 seconds—at most—to catch your attention. The idea must be more interesting than everything else on Earth happening at that moment. To stand out, to be remembered, the idea has to be fun and unexpected. Not just interesting, or controversial, or funny; it needs to flat out take you by surprise.

Now think about this: there are 7.2 billion people in this world, but there’s no one else exactly like you. What new ideas do YOU have? What new things do YOU want to create? 3D printing, scanning, and design give you the power to make your ideas real.

You could solve a problem or pain; improve on an idea that already exists; invent something that makes life better, and make money doing it.

Everything starts as an idea. Will the next big one be yours?