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1. Think
2. Shape
3. Make

3by3D started with a simple question: How can we use 3D printing to make new things that were once thought impossible?

We love using creativity to solve problems—business problems, life problems, any types of problems. We also love making things that help make the world better, or happier, or safer, or just a little bit more fun. 3D printing is the perfect blend of our skills and passions.

Once we saw how affordable and accessible this technology has become, we jumped right in and started making stuff. We're still beginners to the world of 3D printing, scanning, and design, but we're experimenting and learning more each day. We hope experts will find value in this site, and newbies will find it invaluable.

Check back often for new blog posts, new products in our online shop, and some fun surprises along the way.

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